The Japan Academy of Nursing Education was established in 1991 succeeding the National Nursing Education Research Institute. The present number of the Academy members has already exceeded 3,000. This Academy aims at heightening members’ knowledge and abilities, thereby contributing to the development of nursing education. For these purposes, the Academy holds an annual academic conference focusing on important themes related to nursing education, and also prepares various lecture meetings, study groups and workshops.

Greetings from the President of the Board of Directors

noriko sato

President of the Board of Directors

Noriko Sato

The Japan Academy of Nursing Education was established in July 1991 with the objectives to improve nursing education and contribute to progress in nursing science. The academy welcomed its 25th anniversary year in 2016. The number of members in the academy has increased every year; as of 31st March 2016, it had 4,061 members. The members include not only educators who work in various basic nursing educational institutions such as universities, two-year colleges, and training schools that offer nursing education, but also educators engaged in graduate school education as well as nursing practitioners involved in continued education. Nursing education is the basic education needed to become a nurse, as well as an important theme for all nurses as lifelong learners. The academy believes in developing nursing education by means of complementary relationships in which educators teaching nursing science proactively accept the reality from nursing practitioners, and in turn the nursing practitioners embrace changes in nursing education, so that the changes are reflected in the workplace. Additionally, in the coming years, a cross-border and global approach will be required to examine nursing education. The academy aims to explore methods of nursing education, improve the quality of nursing professionals, and develop nursing practice while addressing social changes surrounding nursing education.

The new board of directors’ action policies, new projects, and information will be published on the internet accordingly.

Symbol Mark


The establishment of the National Nursing Education Research Institute originated in a lecture meeting for nursing education held in July of 1951. The meeting was held on the basis of the discussions on the nursing problems made in May of the same year at the Women’s College of the Japan Red Cross Society by alumnae of the training course of full-time teachers for nursing education after they had attended the general assembly of the Japanese Nursing Association. The National Nursing Education Research Institute issued its newsletter, which marked the 81st issue in March of 1991. The inaugural issue was published in September of 1952. In the first three issues, “Candle and Candlestick” was used as an illustration of the newsletter. From the fourth issue on, “flowers,” “fruits” or “scenes of streets” were adopted occasionally.

A commemorative ceremony of the Institute’s 30th anniversary was held in 1981, when the executive members planned to prepare a commemorative gift attractive and suitable to participants. After discussions, they adopted the “Candle and Candlestick” in the design of a paperweight for the gift. The design is introduced by the picture on this page. The paperweight with the design of “Candle and Candlestick” was received quite favorably. Since then, this design has become the symbol mark of the Institute and has been used for the newsletter from the 62nd issue published on October 25 of 1981. It is believed that this design is already well known to all members as readers of the newsletter.

Ten years later, in 1991, the National Nursing Education Research Institute celebrated the 40th anniversary of its establishment. On this occasion, too, the Institute decided to prepare a gift with the same design to commemorate the 40th anniversary. The gift was a “bookmarker” carrying the design (Please refer to the same picture).

The design of “Candle and Candlestick” was carried over as the symbol mark of the newly born Japan Academy of Nursing Education.

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