Education-Related Database

These were Research project reports conducted
by the Japan Academy of Nursing Education

1) Research on the development of nursing teacher qualifications (published in 2000)
Project purpose: To learn about the current status of efforts by nursing educational institutions and the needs of teachers to develop the quality of nursing teachers, and to consider future approaches.

Survey target:
1. Survey of Nursing Teachers
Universities, junior colleges, nurse training schools (3-year course, 2-year course), Associate Nurse Training School, Public Health Nurse Training School, Midwife training school, high school (hygiene nursing departments, special study departments)

2. Training institution survey: universities, junior colleges, training schools, high schools
Publication date: August 2000
Implementation year: 1997-2000

Committee members
Mariko Koyama (chairperson)
Yasuko Ohgushi
Masae Oda
Akiko Asakawa
Yayoi Tamura
Chiyoko Nishimura
Sachiko Nakamura
Chiyoko Toriummi
Hiroko Takahashi

Survey on the educational environment of nursing education (published in 2010)

Project purpose: Targeting nursing education institutions across the country, clarify the current status and problems of the educational environment, including the conditions for transition to higher education, and develop future prospects for nursing education that match the trends of the times.
Survey target: A total of 1,274 educational institutions with all grade levels available as of April 2007 at nurse/assistant nurse training facilities nationwide. The survey of graduate schools included 102 graduate schools and 110 educational programs.
Publication date: March 2010
Implementation year: 2007-2009

Committee members
Toku Ishii (Chairperson)
Yoko Emori
Ritsuko Ohmuro
Mariko Koyama
Masami Sato
Mizue Shiromaru
Maki Taniyama
Yayoi Tamura
Chizuru Mori
Reiko Sato
Youko Aso